Luxe Service

Plan your wedding the easy way—it will be smooth and effortless, and as elegant as the rest of your wedding day.

Your ceremony will be written from scratch, so it will be perfectly tailored to you and a celebration of your love. No one wants a ceremony that has all their guests yawning; your wedding ceremony should be modern, fun and engaging – and it will be!  It will be as long or as short as you need and contain as much or as little as you want. It will be professionally delivered in a lighthearted yet romantic way.  Your ceremony’s style, spirit, length, and flow will suit your style perfectly.

Not the boring bit before your party! You’ll receive modern, fresh ideas to make your marriage ceremony one of the highlights of your wedding day.

Keep traditions, twist them, or flick them! Whether you want your ceremony to be classic, modern or a combination of both, I’ll guide you to bring your wedding plans to life. Your ceremony will be a stylish highlight of your day!

Meetings: An informal online chat will most likely be our first contact. Of course, we need to meet in person, and that can be early on in your planning or close to your day. We’ll keep in touch right through your wedding planning and will usually have further online meetings as we fine-tune all the small details so I can ensure your ceremony is everything you want and more.

Awesome Wedding Vows: Don’t know what to say? Or are you not sure you want to say anything at all? There are many ways vows can be structured, so I’ll share inspiration and assist you in writing perfect vows so you’ll be confident that yours express exactly what you want them to.

Legals: lodgements, notifications and registrations will all be done for you.  You’ll receive your commemorative marriage certificate on your wedding day.

PA system: Bose speakers and Rode microphones provide a professional, portable, Bluetooth, and battery-operated system for your ceremony voice and recorded music.

With a Master Celebrant by your side you’ll be comfortable on the day knowing precisely how your wedding ceremony will be. I’ll be with you to answer all your ceremony questions, offer suggestions to create great vibes & ease the stress of your planning so you can focus on the other elements of your wedding day. 

Boutique Service


Your boutique wedding ceremony will capture all the little things that make you who you are as a couple. A true reflection of your love for one another. Your ceremony’s length, style, and spirit will be tailored perfectly to you. There will be light-hearted, emotional, exciting, funny and romantic moments, and I promise you’ll be comfortable throughout.

Your Boutique Service includes everything in the Luxe Service and much more. I’ll be your celebrant and your personal ceremony concierge.

Unlimited online and in-person meetings. We’ll do a venue visit together and meet in person or online as often as you feel you need. We’ll keep in touch throughout your wedding planning process and you’ll be comfortable knowing precisely how your wedding ceremony will be.

A rehearsal on the eve of your big day takes all your nerves away. I always recommend a rehearsal because you should be at ease and comfortable knowing your timing, positions, and entry will be perfect. 

I’ll even show you how to hold your champagne glass with style, which means we’ll have to drink what’s in the glasses whilst we do our final walk-through!

Personal ceremony concierge. I’ll be the first to arrive at your ceremony and the last to leave because small details make a huge difference. Looking after planning and implementation, I’ll ensure that every detail is in place and that any small hiccups stay that way! You’ll have over 10 years of celebrant experience, a 30-year events professional, and a Master Celebrant of 3 years at your ceremony venue; everything will be put into place whilst you are enjoying your final wedding preparations. 

Not many can offer this skilled service; the details of what’s involved in this service are in my information kit, which I’ll send to you when you enquire.

Before, during, and after your ceremony, everything will flow smoothly upfront and behind the scenes so you can stay in the moment and enjoy your day.

Official Marriage Certificate:  Your marriage is officially registered with Births, Deaths, and Marriages within 48 hours. I’ll order your Official Marriage Certificate on your behalf and arrange for it to be delivered directly to your door. You’ll also receive your commemorative marriage certificate on your wedding day.

100% Personalised Ceremonies

Customise Your Wedding Ceremony