Thought About Eloping?


If you want a romantic elopement ceremony I love these marriages and am thrilled to make your ceremony exactly what you dream.


Through years of full scale wedding ceremonies, we’ve recognised that not everyone wants a full on wedding ceremony but they still truly want to feel valued and supported.

Though only the 2 of your & your 2 witnesses will be at your ceremony I still guide you through every step in your ceremony planning so you can put aside the stressful details and give your full attention to enjoying this exciting season of life and preparing for what matters most– your marriage.

I hope you will allow me to make your vision a reality.


Intimate Elopements

Your wedding elopement – exactly what you want it to be…

If you only want to sign the papers and say I do’ with each other, this is for you.  You can be legally married in the simplest & easiest way possible. 


Some couples just want to make their relationship a legal marriage.  Others want to marry quietly then surprise their family & friends at a later date – maybe at their ‘engagement party’!

Choose a park, a beach, a restaurant, or book some luxury accommodation where you can spoil yourselves after you’ve made it all legal!

We’ll say the legal words & sign the paperwork. You sign the marriage register & you’re officially married!  Bring 2 witnesses with you or you can even ask someone nearby to do the honours for you if you are really good at keeping your nuptials under wraps!

You don’t need meetings or interviews, and you don’t need to book forever in advance.  Once you’ve sent your Notice of Intended Marriage to me, you can get married in as little as one month. I’ll guide you through every step in the planning, and do all the lodgements, registrations & legalities for you.  You can put aside all the stress of wedding planning and focus on what matters most for you — your marriage.